Brand Spotlight: Highly Casual Cannabis Beverages in Michigan

As a family of Michigan dispensaries, Pleasantrees gets a front-row seat to the most cutting-edge cannabis trends. And without a doubt, one of the most exciting of the last few years is the rise of cannabis beverages!


Drinkable cannabis?!? You better believe it. Offering a targeted and consistent cannabis dose in a stylish, portable, and discreet package, cannabis drinks are one of the hottest niches in the cannabis market.


We couldn’t be more excited to offer Highly Casual seltzer, a company determined to put a whole lot of fun in bubbly water. Here’s the story of these highly unusual offerings and why they’ve risen to become one of Michigan’s top cannabis-infused beverages.



Cannabis Beverages: The Highly Casual Story


At first glance, cannabis-infused beverages might sound like a strange pairing. In actuality, the two have a long backstory: In both ancient and modern-day India, cannabis is made into a refreshing (and highly potent) smoothie type of drink, called bhang.


Highly Casual has refined and modernized those early liquid edibles. Crafted by Emerald Canning Partners in the historic Gibraltar Trade Center in Mt. Clemens, Michigan, Highly Casual seltzer is flavored with innovative—and trust us, delicious!—blends of fruit flavors with just a touch of sweetness.


In the past, blending cannabis oils with beverages presented a challenge (hello, physics). Highly Casual hacked the code with cutting-edge nano-emulsion technology that produces a potent, shelf-stable, and most of all delicious new way to enjoy cannabis on the go. Their state-of-the-art facility is complete with a Quality Assurance lab to ensure you get a consistent, premium drinking experience.



Highly Casual Seltzer Flavors


Right now, the Highly Casual seltzer line includes:


  • Strawberry + Watermelon: How’d you like the flavor of two highly seasonal fruits combined year-round in a refreshing seltzer? Like all Highly Casual’s offerings, they’re gluten- and hangover-free!


  • Lemon + Lime: You’ve probably had plenty of lemon-lime sodas, but we’re confident that you haven’t had any like this before! Citrusey and kicky, it’s what lemonade wishes it could grow up to be.


  • Blueberry + Pineapple: Described as the “Highly Casual Wildcard,” this innovative blend takes the best of two beloved fruits and blends them into one highly drinkable can. It’s reminiscent of that energy drink you like, but without all the weird stuff inside!


Each can contains 2mg of Michigan-grown THC, and comes in a pack of four for optimally convenient enjoyment on their own or in a delicious mocktail.



Cannabis Beverages in Michigan: Wrapping Up


If you can’t tell, we’re incredibly excited to be offering Highly Casual seltzer in our Michigan dispensaries. Do you have any other questions about cannabis drinks or other edibles? Just ask! We’re always here to help!